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For Most People, Real Estate Is Their Biggest Investment

This is why it’s important to choose a residential specialist with extensive experience.  In addition to advising clients, I have invested in different types of real estate.  Often selling is the only or best decision; sometimes holding onto a property is a better idea.  If selling is your goal, then I will advise you on my strategies to attract the best offer(s).  If holding is your goal, then I’ll advise on my rental services.  I also consult on pricing for people who intend to sell privately to a specific person or to dissolve joint ownership.

Throughout the sale process, I’ll guide you through every step, making sure your questions are answered and that the entire experience is a positive one.  I will promote your property aggressively and work diligently for you until your property is sold or rented.  And I only get paid when your home sells or rents. So there’s no risk.

No Obligation Meeting to Discuss Your Situation

First, we meet at your home to interview each other.  We’ll discuss your situation and the current real estate market.  I will review the sale or rental process with you.  You will give me a tour and I’ll make a list of your property’s features. Then I will need time to analyze your property in relation to comparable properties and generate a custom “Comparative Market Analysis” report for you.  Ideally I have a week to complete this report, but I can do it faster if you’re in a rush to relocate.  Then we meet again to review the CMA. I will give you my professional opinion as to how much your home may sell for and how long that may take.

If you plan to purchase another home or investment property in my geographic areas, then we can talk about that too. In fact, there are significant advantages to having me help you with both transactions.  If you’re leaving my geographic area, then let me help you save time by finding you experienced agents in a global network of real estate professionals.

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